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Game-Based Learning

One great way to incorporate technology in the classroom is through game based learning. I love incorporating game based learning into my classroom. It helps to bring a somewhat boring topic to life for the kids. It also helps to cement the ideas into their heads.

One site that has a TON of online resources and that is They have webquests and games. The past two yeas I have used the "Do I have the Right?" game when we talked about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

The students seem to really get involved in this game and it really helps them to understand the differences between the Bill of Rights amendments. There is also strategy involved and situations they must figure out.

What is also nice about is they include lesson plans to go and some extension packs to go along with the games. It makes it nice for a newer teacher or one who is not sure how to incorporate the game into the classroom and ensuring the students are learning.

If you're ever teaching about the Bill of Rights I highly recommend adding this game into your lesson plans.